I had never heard any of Space Ghost Cowboy’s music before I first went to see them. In fact I can honestly and shamefully say that I had never heard of the band itself. Actually the only thing I knew about them was the existence and minor personality traits of their lead singer (who I knew quite incidentally) and that he was leaving the state for months, with this being his going away show. I attended their concert out of a desperate desire for sociability, facing a prospective weekend of aural boredom with a sense of optimism that I would perhaps hear and see something new. Space Ghost Cowboys was tremendous, despite the small, free, and crowded show; it was amazing, inspiring, and powerful. There was an instant and undeniable rapport between the audience and the band, particularly with the lead singer Aaron Maine, who loomed over the crowd from amongst it, with a sweaty emotional adoration for the beauty of a good hook. Standing with his microphone and guitar amongst the packed crowd singing his lungs and soul out, Maine’s guitar chords and melodies were reflecting and amplifying the colors of his vocal melodies. Cutting under and uplifting them with profound and unique imagery. All of the Space Ghost Cowboys songs which were played that night earned the distinction of deserving to have been written (which is rare these days) more so, needing to have been written by their particular composer. So much music today is slapped together, with no soul, or worse, an artificial plastic soul. Space Ghost Cowboy’s melodies are memorable without being needlessly catchy, and the guitar, bass and drum work is confident and competent. For certain songs a trombone was brought on stage and performed with bombast, energy and lyricism by Purchase trombone virtuoso Kyle Pollard. The additional instrumentation added new emotional and textural layers to the songs, as well as an extra element of energy and color that suited the somber melodies.

Bird Watching in America provides easy listening and catchy indie/folk melodies for its audience, and never ceases to entertain. Corbo successfully distinguishes each track from the next, while maintaining one solid genre throughout the album.